Want to read an excel file which is already open in MS-Excel

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I need to read an excel file using C#.

The file is already open in MS-Excel and its data is updated at every second through another software.

I need to read the updated data at each second.

Please tell me if any more information is required.

Thanks for the help.

c# excel-2010


answered 5 years ago lstern #1

You can to use the Visual Studio for the Microsoft Office System (VSTO) if you have Visual Studio 2010 or better or (as Vandenbussche said) you can use the Office Interop.

answered 5 years ago Kryptoxx #2

You can use Microsoft.Office.Interop to open an excel instance and use the object you created to send or receive information from the instance opened that way.

Here are some tutorials that might help: