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As far as I know, there's no such thing as an f:link.file or v:link.file viewhelper.

There used to be a solution using file.originalResource.publicUrl as the value to point the link to, as in

<f:link.page pageUid="{file.originalResource.publicUrl}" target="_blank">

Am I right that this is no longer necessary? I got this (using ext:mask):

<f:link.page pageUid="{file.identifier}" target="_blank">

returning the same value, while originalResource.publicUrl would not even show up in f:debug.

BUT in file.identifier the storage path, e.g. fileadmin, is not present. How do I add it to the viewhelper?

Or, what is the currently recommended solution for a link to a file in TYPO3 7.6?

2 Answers

answered 1 year ago Jigal van Hemert #1

<f:uri.image image="{imageObject}" /> produces the path + filename for your FAL object.

answered 1 year ago minifranske #2

Just use <a href="{file.publicUrl}">{file.name}</a>. When absolute URL or some special configuration is needed use <f:link.typolink parameter="{file.publicUrl}">{file.name}</f:link.typolink>.

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