How to get json data using REST API for on-premise TFS

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We have on-premise TFS Version 15.105.25910.0 i.e TFS 2017 and I am trying to get JSON data (let's say for a given Work Item id). I am using Postman to send/receive request.
I was having an issue with permission denied then figured out a way to pass Personal access tokens in the request.
Our basic TFS Url looks like this:

How to correctly get JSON data?

Reference material used:

Currently I am getting 200 OK status but the content type is HTML which says Javascript is Disabled. Not sure where the problem is occuring?

Feel free to ask more info if needed.

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answered 2 months ago Cece Dong - MSFT #1

First, you are using TFS 2017 RTM version, it's suggested to upgrade to the latest Update 3.1 edition.

Then, please check your Postman's version, make sure you are using the latest version v6.1.4. You could download the latest version from website below:

Last, check whether you have correct api. The REST API to get a single work item is as below:

Get http://TFS2017:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection/_apis/wit/workitems/{id}?api-version=3.2

Attach a screenshot of the result in Postman:

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